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Pricing Strategies During Economic Downturns

Pricing Strategies During Economic Downturns | Halmyre

One of our most popular papers, pricing and value strategies that will help as we head into a recession.

Download for pragmatic advice including:

  • 4 reasons quick discounting can be risky
  • 3 considerations for pricing adjustments
  • Price-adjustment decision matrix

Christine Saunders, CM
About Christine Saunders, CM
Halmyre President Christine Saunders is a marketing consultant to service-based organizations, a strategic advisor to marketing executives and leaders, an entrepreneur and a hobby farmer. Prior to founding Halmyre in 2014, Christine owned a traditional integrated marketing and communications agency specializing in financial services, public services and not-for-profits. Her education is in politics, ethics and philosophy, and she is a proud Maritimer despite living in Upper Canada today.