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Doing the right thing. That goes for the integrity of our advice to our clients and partners, for our collaborative culture and for our investments in our communities.


Our position on corporate sustainability and investing in growth:


We invest in our future by planting trees. 

Giving Back to the Community

Halmyre supports our team by providing time and financial support to embrace volunteerism, to step away from work and to contribute in ways that are meaningful to each employee. 

The Bigger Picture

We know that education, listening and discussion are the foundation of a future where systemic barriers are broken down in an equitable, diverse and inclusive community. Halmyre supports professional development for our colleagues, clients and community with ongoing efforts to learn about matters of inclusion.

We are particularly involved in learning more about Canada’s history as embodied in its journey of Truth and Reconciliation and our roles as citizens, marketers and humans in forging a better future. 

Ursula Green

Halmyre Environmental, Social and Governance Statement

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