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Your path to resilient growth requires a customized mix of strategic marketing disciplines. The Halmyre Marketing Ecosystem™ method allows your organization’s leaders to understand your ecosystem to achieve results. 

Five Fundamental Components of an Organization’s Growth

The Halmyre Marketing Ecosystem™ method is based on five fundamental elements that, when you get them right, deliver marketing ROI and resilient growth. Halmyre’s consultants will tailor a solution set to address concerns and opportunities across this broad mix of marketing strategies.

1. Value Proposition

Your organization’s value proposition is like an elevator pitch that competitively places your products and services in the market. It is strongest when it offers unique ways to fulfill your audience’s wants and needs. A strong value proposition is an essential building block.

2. Service Design

Service design is the quality of service and customer experience your audience encounters when interacting with your organization. Do you provide timely and helpful support? Are you there when your members need you?

3. Data Intelligence

Data intelligence refers to your organization’s ability to measure and assess information to make better marketing decisions – to monitor, understand and optimize your processes.

4. Creative Strategy

The power of aligning strong visuals and the right words cannot be overstated. Our brains make split-second decisions based on visual cues. Creative strategy is the development of thoughtful, strategically aligned visuals and their consistent application across all your organization’s platforms to convey your value to your audience.

5. Content and Promotions

Before you start writing or creating, ensure you have a strategy and a solid plan for your content. From there, your process features the creation of content – blogs, whitepapers, news releases and more – and the distribution of that content to various paid and organic platforms to get your audience’s attention and create engagement.

Ursula Green

Where to Start: The Value Proposition Audit

Diagnose weaknesses, lack of knowledge, opportunities, and unrealized successes to drive growth, resilience and confidence in your organization.

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The team took the time to understand our business, audience and stakeholders. The upfront strategic planning has paid off. This is why Halmyre has become a valued marketing and communications partner.
Ainsley Cunningham
Manager, Education and Communications, Manitoba Securities Commission, Securities Division
We had a strategy but growth only started once we dug into root issues on our value proposition with Halmyre. Since then we've been moving from strength to strength.
Baijul Shukla
Vice President, Member Experience & Corporate Strategy, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

Our team at the College were very engaged in this workshop. It was a great, high-energy session and helped us be confident in writing with a more consistent, member-centric voice.

André Girouard
Assistant Manager, College of Family Physicians of Canada

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