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Webinar: Future-Proof Your Association with Value Management

Webinar: Future-Proof Your Association with Value Management | Halmyre

On demand webinar for associations on the powerful combination of value proposition strategy and analytics insights.

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Watch this webinar for an insightful discussion on how to take a data-informed approach to understanding and measuring the exchange of value between an association and its members to set your organization up for future growth.

You will learn from experts Christine Saunders of Halmyre and Bill Conforti of Association Analytics about:
• Quantifiable impact of the value proposition
• Organizational approach to managing it
• Segmentation by member preferences
• Engagement scoring for validation
• And more…

During this webinar, Christine presents the results of research into association executives' value proposition strategy: Halmyre's Growing Value Report. Please feel free to access your free copy here:

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Allison Laux
About Allison Laux
Halmyre Vice President of Marketing & Communications has been leading marketers to innovate since the beginning of the internet. After years of collaborating with clients and facilitating stakeholder engagement, she fully appreciates what people with different points of view can contribute. Her goal is to help her clients create a vision and make it a reality. Personally, she achieved her own vision and became Ontario Eventing’s 2019 Senior Entry Champion. She credits her horse Fanta Goes To Hollywood with the win.