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Navigating the Next Crisis: Global Workforce Insights for Associations

Navigating the Next Crisis: Global Workforce Insights for Associations

"Navigating the Next Crisis: Global Workforce Insights for Associations" webinar sheds light on the intricate challenges associations face amid the evolving global workforce crisis. Across industries, from healthcare to engineering, it reveals how crucial it is for associations to understand these challenges to ensure resilience and adaptability.

You can access the Executive Bulletin for a broader perspective on the Workforce Issues.

The session introduces Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as a critical measure for assessing member satisfaction and engagement, emphasizing its role in forecasting the association's future trajectory. It navigates through the prevalent concerns of HR issues and professional burnout, presenting them as primary areas requiring strategic attention and action.

Highlighting the significance of adopting a member-centric approach, the webinar explores the benefits of outside-in research and how it can overcome common structural biases. It underlines the power of empathy, strategic research, and focusing on members to navigate through barriers toward growth.

This webinar serves as an essential resource for association leaders aiming to adeptly navigate the global workforce crisis. Watching the recording not only enriches your understanding of these pivotal issues but also equips you with actionable strategies and insights to confidently steer your association into a future filled with opportunities.

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Are you inspired to tackle the global workforce challenges highlighted in our webinar? Connect with the Halmyre team to dive deeper into the insights and solutions that can empower your association. Our experts are ready to help you leverage the right strategies, ensuring your organization not only withstands but flourishes amidst the workforce crisis. Let’s work together to transform your approach, aligning your association’s goals with the needs and expectations of today’s professionals.

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