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Marketing, Not Just Advertising, Is the Root of Business Growth

Marketing is the profession that drives business growth, period. It is a holistic profession with many specialty sub-disciplines. The basic structure of marketing, when used properly, includes the classic four Ps of product, price, place and promotion.

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3 Reasons Good Governance Leads to Good Membership Marketing

Far too often boards and business leaders associate marketing only with the fourth p, promotion (the ads, emails and social media common to associations). But marketing is the growth engine of any organization and therefore can only rest on the solid foundation of good corporate strategy and good governance.

How Customer Experience Is Changing Marketing

How Customer Experience Is Changing Marketing

The new role of the CMO is to champion a holistic, end-to-end customer experience. Expanded responsibility has pushed the CMO into a role encompassing all groups within the organization: facilitating and negotiating among other departments (finance, product development, business development, etc.) and becoming a change agent inside the organization, affecting change management of process, policy and procedure.

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Five Key Concepts for Successful Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a vital method for driving engagement and revenue for organizations of all sizes. Heres a framework that shaped some of the best practices panel members see influencing the future of email marketing. Thats why its important to stay within the law when engaging in email marketing.

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Three Strategic Growth Questions Marketing Answers

Marketing is the discipline that controls the most important moment in your organization: the very intersection of a customer or potential customer with your product, service or brand.

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Free Yourself from the 4 Traps of Non-Dues Revenue Development

If you approach your service delivery like everyone else, without considering your audiences wants and needs, it shows that you havent listened to them and youre not concerned about finding them the right solutions. Its time to accept that the service must be unique to your market (your members) for it to succeed in driving the revenue you expect.

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Annual Planning for Marketing: Part 1 – Get the Facts

Many organizations dont know how to pull or present data in meaningful ways to produce insights-driven action. With these two common types of data at your fingertips, you will be armed with the right tools to assess and plan for your next fiscal budget with confidence.

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Don't Think Website, Think Service Design

Thinking website is limiting and may lead you to find partners that deal only with a narrow type of planning such as the visual design that misses delivering what your audiences really want and need.