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Experience, case studies, research and editorial content on strategic marketing for member-based non-profit organizations. 

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Value Proposition Is a Growth Process

Understanding the process of managing your value proposition is vital, but challenging especially for non-profits. Developing discipline around managing your value proposition is the single best investment any non-profit can make in its future.

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The Secret to Strong Non-Profit Value Propositions

But do not be deceived: a good value proposition process will open for you more future-forward thinking, but it will do so with confidence and without guessing, and it will objectively put the voice of your members at the centre of your decisions.

Investor Education Website

Investor Education Website

By building a truly customer-centric web service. The Manitoba Financial Services Agency did just that – and made a positive impact on how Manitobans think about their money.

Build a Business Case for a Career Centre

Build a Business Case for a Career Centre

Improve Your Association's Career Centre: How to Build a Business Case

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Building a Better Brand to Engage Members

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers reset the foundation of membership engagement through brand analysis, value proposition enhancement and persona development to better support corporate strategies and engage more members with targeted services.

Benchmarking NFP Value Propositions, 2021

Not-for-profits are like no other organizations. Halmyre has published its first annual report, designed to help NFPs and executives understand where to make strategic, organizational investments to develop the long-term resilience of their organizations. Halmyre set out to benchmark how CEOs view their organizations strength and readiness related to their

Leverage Your Association's Data to Drive Membership Growth

Leverage Your Association's Data to Drive Membership Growth

This whitepaper is a guide to managing and monitoring the health of your associations membership. Even if you already have an intuitive grasp of the fitness of your membership, this discussion will provide a better understanding of key metrics that indicate your members commitment and loyalty to your organization. This guide also discusses issues that can undermine membership management performance and erode the impact of marketing efforts.

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Client Appreciation is a Key to Business Growth

Embodying gratitude and showing empathy for your customers will truly make a qualitative difference in your organizations services and will lead to long-term success for both parties. While making your customers feel appreciated, you are also able to get to know and empathize with your customers wants and needs to better market to them.